Conservatism 101
    1. What are conservatives trying to conserve?

    2. Conservatism is the antidote to tyranny

    3. The conservative alliance

    4. Quiz — Introduction to Conservatism with ?????

  1. Defining Progressivism

    1. What conservatism is not

    2. Understanding American progressivism

    3. The waves of liberalism

    4. Quiz — Defining Progressivism

  2. Fusion Conservatism 

    1. A libertarian conservative fusion

    2. Three legs of the conservative stool

    3. Working together

    4. Quiz — Fusion Conservatism

  3. The Constitution with Doug Billings

    1. What is at stake in America?

    2. America’s contract with its citizens

    3. Judicial Activism

    4. Quiz — The Constitution with Doug Billings

  4. National Security & Foreign Policy

    1. Peace through strength

    2. Seeking order, stability, and moderation

    3. The post-Cold War era

    4. Quiz — National Security & Foreign Policy 

  5. The Real Nature of Conservative Politics

    1. The engine of conservative politics

    2. Building a movement

    3. Political action

    4. Conservative politics today

    5. Becoming a wise conservative

    6. Quiz — The Real Nature of Conservative Politics

Get Out The Vote Workshop

Course curriculum

  1. Get-Out-The-Vote

    1. Part 1 | Why We Vote

    2. Part 2 | Timeline & Plan

    3. Part 3 | Election Day Operations

    4. Part 4 | Phone & Door To Door Strategies

      What’s Next?

      1. Conclusion & Thank You

      2. Course Completion Survey

Reclaim Your School Board!

This Webinar will teach you how to maximize every dollar and resource available as you approach election day to finish strong!

School Board campaigns are often unique compared to other elected offices, and it helps to hear directly from people who have run a successful school board campaign – from the candidate’s perspective and the general consultant’s perspective.  In this training, you will have both!

We will be breaking things down by the hour, covering the vital activities you and your campaign need to be executing 48 hours out, 72 hours out, One week out, and so on…